Finally it broke its silence … Buckingham Palace is responding to the fiery statements of Prince Harry and his wife Megan

The fiery statements of Prince Harry and his wife, especially regarding racism, rocked the British Royal Palace, who chose not to comment immediately

Pressure intensified on the British royal family to force it to respond to accusations of racism by Prince Harry and his wife Megan

Queen Elizabeth II expressed her “sorrow” for the hardships faced by Prince Harry and his wife Megan, asserting that their allegations of racism “will be taken seriously,” according to a statement released by Buckingham Palace on Tuesday in their first reaction to the couple’s resounding interview.

“The issues raised, especially those related to racism, are worrying. Although some memories may differ, they will be taken seriously and the family will deal with them out of the limelight,” the statement added.
The British woman is saddened by the defiance of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan in recent years. “Harry, Megan and Archie will always be very beloved members of the family,” he said.

Pressure intensified Tuesday on the British royal family to force it to respond to the charges of racism that were leveled against it during an interview with Prince Harry and his wife Meghan on American television, which plunges the British throne into a crisis that is divided by the British.

The British Royal Palace opted for silence initially, according to what was mentioned in an interview with Prince Harry and his wife Meghan

The fiery statements contained in the interview moderated by Oprah Winfrey on Sunday and aired by the British television media on Monday evening, shook the British royal palace, which chose silence at the beginning. However, observers assert that the interview caused an earthquake reminiscent of what happened during the era of Princess Diana and even the crisis of the resignation of King Edward VIII in 1936.

The “Times” newspaper reported that Queen Elizabeth II refused to agree to a statement intended to calm the atmosphere, preferring to be patient in preparing the required response.

And after Prince Harry accused him of “failing him” in his problems within the royal family, Prince Charles avoided talking about meeting his son and Megan, during his visit Tuesday to a church that had been converted as a vaccination center against Corona in London.

“It’s a really cool country,” Prince Charles told a woman after introducing herself to be from Nigeria. “I have visited it, it has a lot of different ethnic groups.”

Who is a “racist”?
Harry, 36, and Megan Markle, 39, who have lived in California for a year, attributed their withdrawal from the royal family to media pressure exerted on them and the racism of the British media, and criticized the family’s lack of understanding of their situation.

They also presented a bleak picture of life within the family, especially when Megan emotionally told that the family refused to provide her with psychological help after she had the idea of ​​suicide.

Among the most controversial statements was Megan and Harry about a conversation in which an unnamed part of the royal family expressed “concern” about the skin color of their 22-month-old son Archie while Meghan was pregnant with him.

Regarding the identity of the “anxious” person about Archie’s skin color, the couple were keen to keep suspicion away from Queen Elizabeth II (94 years) and her husband, Prince Philip (99 years), who has been in the hospital for 3 weeks.

Thomas Markle, Meghan’s father, whose relationship with her has soured since he appeared in pre-agreed pictures with celebrity photohunters shortly before her marriage to Harry in May 2018, suggested that these controversial statements might be “just a stupid question.”

“I don’t think the British royal family is racist at all,” the seventieth man said on the British ITV channel.

And these statements about racism in the royal family became every tongue in Britain, and formed a material for discussion in the political arena, with the Labor Party, the most prominent opposition party, demanding an investigation into the matter.

Some within the government fear that these statements will cause great harm to the royal family in a country that is witnessing a major national review of the colonial past after the renewed momentum of the “Black Lives Matter” movement in the world, which could destabilize the Commonwealth of Nations, which attaches great importance to the Queen.

“If they do not name the person they are accusing, there will always be doubt about the future kings of the minorities here and the peoples of the Commonwealth. If they name him, and he was a person of great importance, that would be catastrophic,” a British minister told Politico, requesting anonymity.

Detonate a mine in the family
The British are divided over the Harry and Meghans, whom part of the press accuses of weakening the royal family for personal interests. A YouGov poll revealed a split between those who believe they are treated fairly (32%) and unfairly (32%) of the royal family.

But 61% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 believed that they were not treated fairly.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson refused to enter the debate, saying only he was “very impressed” by Queen Elizabeth II. But Pacific Secretary Zach Goldsmith, classified as a close confidant of Johnson, wrote on Twitter that “Harry detonated a mine in his family.”

In the United States, Meghan Markle had the support of President Joe Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Harry and Meghan’s interview attracted 17 million viewers in the United States and 11 million in Britain, and it recalled the 1995 interview conducted by Princess Diana and the astonishment raised by her statements about her suffering within the royal family.

Andrew Morton, biographer of Princess Diana, told “ITV” that the consequences of the interview “will affect all generations, as happened with Diana.”

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